In the 70's, my Mom bought a Lhasa Apso for a second breed. She raised a few litters and was of course a member of the breed club. In those days, Lhasas and Tibbies were part of the same club, and so it happened that I started to read more about the Tibbies than the Lhasas in the club magazine. I also have very early memories from top winning Strömkarlen breeder classes with lovely tibbies.


Four decades later, in the 2000's, my youngest daughter wanted a dog of her own. I really wanted to fulfill that wish, but what breed? It had to be a small dog, Emily said, like a Chihuahua. I was not so sure about that choice so thought I would show her Tibetan Spaniels which, since we lived in the US and they are not common there at all, she had never seen. So it happened that Barbara Berg from Aki Shima Tibetan Spaniels, came to our house with a car load of Tibbies. Emily fell in love and how could you not with these charming little dogs where every one is so different from the others!


Charlie came into our lives a few months later. Charlie was the most perfect dog for Emily and she caused us all to fall in love with the breed. She didn't become a brood bitch, though, because when she was three years old she had a herniated disc in her back, a problem that exists but is uncommon in the breed. She had surgery and made an almost complete recovery. Almost, because she walks a little "funny" since then, something that she is not aware of herself.


When we moved back to Sweden a couple of years later (2009) we contacted Strömkarlens for another Tibbie - Ronja, and shortly thereafter Jesse came to us, something that was pure serendipity as he has etched himself into my heart forever.


Now I am completely sold on Tibbies, which, contrary to Beardies, are a breed that is suitable for almost everyone, everywhere. They love long walks but don't demand them, they have coat but are very easy to care for and they are small enough to carry. However, if having an obedient dog is important to you, I would suggest a different breed. Tibbies are highly intelligent and usually follow their own minds which can be both challenging and amusing!