Swed Ch Strömkarlens Hjärter Ess - "Jesse"

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Ch Seduhin

Whaiate Marama

Ch Bio-Bios Ballad för Strömkarlen

Ch Åskmolnets Goliat
Ch Bio-Bios Ballerina Girl
Seduhin Wilma Warinda
Seduhin Sher Shah
Seduhin Pipap La Yana
Ch Strömkarlens Ambrosia
Ch Of Zlazano Kucha
Glenwal's Globetrotter
Ch Of Zlazano Da-Ka-Pa

Ch Strömkarlens

Ama Zuma

Ch Amadrew Tar-Tan Special
Ch Strömkarlens Afrodite
DOB: September 22, 2001
Bred by: Monica Herjeskog
Eyes: December 7, 2011
Titles etc:

Swedish Champion, BIS-2 Veteran Tibethund 2010,

Top Veteran Male 2011

Sometimes the best things in life were not planned. I certainly was not planning on getting a boy Tibbie, much less a rehomed eight year old male in poor condition... But I promised his breeder that I would take care of him temporarily since he needed a home urgently and she had just had a litter of puppies. I knew that Jesse had a super pedigree and that he had won a CAC when he was younger, but he certainly didn't look like it when I picked him up. Jesse came home with me and I think he decided right away that he was staying. I told him he was only visiting but after a couple of days... it became more and more difficult imagining that I would turn him over to someone. We had bonded and he had made himself my boy.


After a few months, Jesse was in decent condition and I brought him to a Tibbie specialty to show in Veterans. He was awarded CK and placed as 5th best dog overall. As Jesse looked better and better he also did better at the shows. At the last show of the year - The Big Stockholm Show - he went BOS and won the dog CAC! Since then Jesse has shown a few more times, always placing among the four best dogs. He was one or two dogs away from the CAC... and then - at the show in Vallentuna in August - Jesse won his third CAC under breed specialist Ann Rode - finishing his championship!