Old Smuggler's My Heart's Desire - "Mymlan"


Mymlan is from Tintin's second litter. She is a very easy dog to live with, calm and stable.
She has been shown once at one of our specialties where she placed in her class with CK. She has had her temperament evaluated - BPH - with very pleasing results.
Mymlan has had hips and elbows x-rayed. Hips B and elbows clear. She has also been DNA tested with Embark and is free from all genetic disease that they test for, including CEA and PRA.

Mymlan has had one litter so far when she was bred to:
1. Old Smuggler's Big Top Clown

We are planning a second litter from her in 2021.

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Född:2017-02-14, black
Uppfödare:Charlotte Laning Vrethammar
Hälsa::HD B, ED ua, CEA & PRA-fri (DNA)
Meriter:BPH med skott, ck