Bearded collie

How do you summarize a lifetime of Beardies? I have had Beardies since I was ten years old. Beardies have been my friends, my interest and my passion. In the early 70's, my Beardies were involved in almost every game we played. Since then, Beardies have accompanied me on countless walks in the forest, we've had picnics together, gone swimming together, gone camping together, gotten lost together. Through my Beardies I have gotten to know so many people, several of whom have become close friends. I've seen many different places because of visiting breeders and going to shows in other countries and states. I have served on boards and committees, gone to classes and trips, authored a book and become a conformation judge - all because of my wonderful dogs.

This is not a breed for everybody, that is for sure. Unfortunately our wonderful breed is being changed from an active, outdoor, hardy working dog into a pretty, pampered generic show or family dog. It used to be that people who were attracted to Beardies were active, practical people who hiked, went camping and enjoyed the outdoors. Today, lots of people inquiring about Beardies just want a pretty little family dog that runs around in the yard and then sleeps on the couch. This is detrimental to the Beardie, and their wonderful intelligent working qualities.